How many session until the tattoo is removed?

This is dependent on a number of factors. A black ink will usually need less sessions than colour ink. Green and blue colours are more difficult. If the tattoo is on the torso or face, then less sessions are needed.  A tattoo distant from the torso (e.g. on the ankle) is more difficult for the body to remove. A professional tattoo’s ink (i.e. from a tattoo parlour)  has smaller pigment droplet size and  is easier to remove.  A  ‘home tattoo’ may be more difficult.

Having said this, even the most difficult tattoo can be made significantly lighter or even removed.

How much does it cost?

The cost for a small area can be as little as $100 per session (when using pre-purchased packages). Multiple sessions are needed for optimal results. A black pigment is usually removed easily and require less sessions. Greens or blues are more challenging and may need more sessions.

What tattoo removal technology is used?

We use Pastelle Q-Switched Laser Technology. It is a true state of the art Q-Switch laser. Its very precise beam is tailor-made to break up tattoo pigment quickly and effectively. Read more here.

Do you offer packages?

Yes. The normal cost is $200 for a half-palm sized area. However, when pre-purchasing 5 or more sessions the cost  goes down to $100 for a session which is a 50% discount!

Who performs the procedure?

The treatment will be performed by a practitioner that is highly trained in the use of Q-Switch lasers. This is either Dr Maz or a cosmetic practitioner at Star Cosmetic Medicine. As a patient,  you can choose who you would like to treat you.

Is there any pain involved in the procedure?

At Star Cosmetic Medicine, patient comfort is paramount. To this end, the medical staff use strong topical anaesthetics (creams),  inhaled anaesthetics and/or nerve blocks when necessary. Sometimes a Cryojet is used.  This is a device that blows ice air to the treated area. When very cold, skin becomes anaesthetised- just like you may notice on your skin on a very cold day.

These are the same killers used in hospitals for painful procedures.

So you can rest assured, that as well as getting the results you want, you will be comfortable getting there.

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