Why NOW is the Time to Get That Unwanted Tattoo Removed

ladt1Tattoos are getting bigger, more detailed and more artistic. In today’s culture, people are getting  ‘inked’ as a way of expressing oneself, marking a passage in time or just ‘because’. In fact, despite the explosion in popularity of Sydney tattoo parlours and tattoo coverage in the mainstream media on TV shows such as LA Ink, tattoos have been around for thousands of years and the reasons for getting ‘inked’ have remained fairly consistent.

So what about tattoo removals? As more and more people get tattoos the demand for removals is also increasing.  For those in the unfortunate situation of having an unwanted tattoo, it is predominantly because it no longer represents who they are or because they just don’t like the look of it anymore (or never did in many cases).

People who want to get ‘de-inked’ but who  have put  it off typically did so because they were concerned about the look of the skin after the removal and/or because of the costs involved in treatment.

Never more so than now have these two common concerns been addressed.

With extremely advanced Q-Switched laser technology available, tattoos are removed or significantly faded to a level that was not available even 5 years ago. Such lasers also typically result in a quicker healing time and risk of tissue injury. The outcome is clearer skin than ever before. At the same time, the investment in getting ‘de-inked’ has progressively become more affordable with extremely reasonable pricing available.

For those who want a tattoo removed but have been putting it off because of concerns about the quality of the results or price, now is the time to reconsider.